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Upright pianos

The name of these pianos comes from the position of the mechanism in relation to the strings. Hammers stand vertically parallel to the string-wire. Vertical pianos are available in multiple heights 43", 45", 48", 52"

Kawai upright pianos offer high precision mechanisms ideal for an advanced pianist or for a piano student in the early stage. 

In our store in San Jose, you will be able to experience pianos in different sizes and get more information about upright pianos.

Console Upright

Studio Upright

We offer upright pianos for sale in our San Jose Store. We also functions as piano store for Cupertino and piano store for Fremont. Compare to Yamaha dealer San Jose best price for Yamaha U1, Yamaha U3. If you are looking for Kawai Pianos in San Jose, we are the Kawai Authorized Dealer for the South Bay. 

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