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The new GX-2 AURES 2 is the flagship of the AnyTime hybrid collection. It represents the pinnacle of acoustic hybrid pianos by impeccably blending one of the world’s most revered grand pianos with ground-breaking digital piano technology. Built upon the solid foundation of the renowned GX-2 grand piano, the new AURES 2 hybrid flawlessly incorporates advanced sound technology found on Kawai’s flagship digital instruments including Kawai’s proprietary Soundboard amplification system. The result is a premium instrument that inspires new heights of musical creativity.



Leaning on almost a century of piano craftsmanship and advanced piano technology, our next-generation GX-2 AURES 2 Hybrid Grand Piano is an impeccable fusion of the very finest in acoustic and digital piano performance. It begins with the impressive GX-2 grand piano, offering Kawai’s famed Millennium III carbon fiber action, tapered solid spruce soundboard, sturdy back frame and massive cast iron plate.

Seamlessly integrated into the GX-2 AURES 2 is a premium digital piano that can be played silently with headphones or through the acoustic soundboard via Kawai’s proprietary high performance soundboard transducers. This amazing soundboard technology allows the GX-2 AURES 2 to deliver stunning digital audio through its premium solid spruce soundboard resulting in a rich, powerful, and expansive sound.

Players can complement their performances with the wide selection of digital sounds or layer digital sounds with acoustic piano for an exciting, creative musical experience. Practice new pieces using the app-based metronome and record your performance. Play along with accompaniment tracks from a Bluetooth-connected smart device and enjoy your very own ensemble performance.


  • GX-2 5’11” Grand Piano
  • Kawai Hybrid Sound Board amplification system featuring 4 High-Performance Transducers
  • SK-EX Rendering Piano Sound Engine with Multi-Channel Sampling
  • A modern User Interface, the PianoRemote app for iOS/Android controls operations via your smart device
  • Integrated Bluetooth MIDI and Audio wireless technology
  • App based Recorder (SMF/WAV/FLAC/AAC formats)
  • 256 Polyphony (max.)

Kawai GX-2 Aures 2

    • Length:: 5’11” (180 cm)
    • Width:: 5’1” (152 cm)
    • Height:: 3’4” (102 cm)
    • Weight:: 714 lbs. (324 kg)
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